Reading these instructions does not mean that you are qualified to operate this instrument! For training, email Elizabeth or call x56555.

Turning the telescope on
  • Turn on the power strip.
  • Turn on the telescope drive by turning on the "top" box.
  • Use the keypad to set up and control the telescope.
  • The focus knob is the silver knob located near the eyepiece.
Using the telescope
Shutting down the telescope

When finished, the telescope must be stowed in a horizontal position with the counterweights on the East side of the telescope. The counterweights should be just slightly higher than the telescope. Failure to stow the telescope properly will result in damage to the telescope when the roof is closed!

Common Problems
  • not tracking or not tracking at the correct rate -- make sure rate setting on keypad is set correctly (i.e., sidereal most of the time, unless you are observing the sun, moon, ...).