Reading these instructions does not mean that you are qualified to operate this instrument! For training, email Elizabeth or call x56555.

8in home position

Starting up the telescope

8in control panel
  • Turn the power strip on (1)
  • Flip the power switch to "on" (2)
  • Flip the shutter switch to "open" (3)
  • Flip the drive switch to "on" (4)
       Be sure the drive is set to low (5) and forward (6)

There are no RA and DEC locks. You can just grab and aim this telescope.

The Clock Drive

Occasionally you may notice the 8" has stopped driving, particularly if the drive has been running for quite a while. This is because the weight has come to the end of its line and needs to be wound back down. [Note, the limit light (7) will be on.) To fix this:

  • Turn the drive off (4)
  • Flip the speed to high (5)
  • Flip the direction to reverse (6)
  • Turn the drive back on (4)
  • It will automatically stop when the weight is reset (and the other limit light (7) will be on)
  • Turn the drive back off (4)
  • Flip the speed back to low (5)
  • Flip the direction back to forward (6)
  • Turn the drive back on if you are not done observing for the night

The weight should always be reset at the end of the night.


The focus knob is one of the "gears" holding the bicycle chain. It is the gear directly below the eyepiece with a little handle on it. Do NOT focus by turning the eyepiece - that merely unscrews the eyepiece.

Closing down the telescope

  • Reset the clock drive
  • Flip the drive switch to "off"
  • Flip the shutter switch to "closed"
  • Flip the power switch to "off"
  • Turn the power strip off
  • Stow the telescope back in its horizontal home position.