Reading these instructions does not mean that you are qualified to operate this instrument! For training, email Elizabeth or call x56555.

The Astronomy Department has many portable telescopes which may be checked out. There are two 3" Unitron refractors and six 8" Celestrons (the old orange ones). There are also six new 8" Celestrons (Ultima 2000's) with computers that can be set up on the pad next to the lecture hall.

Checking out Telescopes

Arrangements need to be made with Elizabeth Warner at least a week in advance during the school year. We do have enough equipment for both Unitrons and all six of the old Celestrons to go out at once (i.e. tripods, wedges, eyepieces). There are also two car batteries and two inverters so power can be supplied to the telescopes to operate the drives.

The Ultima 2000's

At this time, the Ultima 2000's are only to be used at the observatory, and remember, their primary purpose is for SDU on Monday evenings and ASTR 111 on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. They can be mounted on the pedestals on the pad near the lecture hall. Each telescope does have a CCD, RGB filters in a filter wheel and a computer so color imaging is possible with these telescopes. There is also "go to" software with these telescopes.

NEW! An online manual for the Ultima 2000s now exists!