28 April 2007

MD Day 2007 logoCome out and join us for the 9th annual Maryland Day. The Astronomy Department will once again set up with other CMPS departments in front of the Math building.

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Thank you to the following who helped make a great day!

In particular, for filling out the survey, I'd like to thank Luisa, MaryAnn, John O, Adrienne, Susan, Edmund, Katie, Lisa Wei, Hao, Ke, Matthew, Misty, Stephanie, Nicholas, Vanessa, Mike K, Rahul, Mia, Megan, Laura, John, V, Jo Hoon, Stacy, David G, Alan, Bo, Ashley, Randall, Lisa Winter, Mike, G, Yana, KwangHo, Eric, Barb, Sidharth, Fabienne, Stef, and Drs. Richardson, Leventhal, Reynolds, Teuben, Hayes-Gehrke, Killen, Wellnitz, Miller, Vogel, McFadden, Walsh, Rupke, Ostriker, Shaya, Farnham, Swaters, Rauch, White, A'Hearn, Sunshine, McGaugh, Veilleux, Osten, Bogdanovic, Feaga, Li, Knez, Sarantos, Mookerjea, Peel.
And for volunteering to help with the various activities at MD day itself, I would like to thank Alexandra, Misty, Mia, Claudia, Chris R, Alan, Massimo, Nicholas, Tony, Sidharth, Lori, Ludmilla, Matthew, Megan, Jianyang, Rachel, Cole, Stacy, Peter, Rosemary, Fabienne, Jen, Mary, Edmund, Irene, Lee...
SDU: Dan, Tim, Hector, Oluwakemi, Pooja,
AstroTerps: Matthew Z, Jodi, James, Jen, and several others
Obs and other Volunteers: Jay, Claire, Casey and Naomi, Dr. Mundy's daughters
And I would like to especially thank Drs. Trasco, Wellnitz, White, Vogel and Hayes-Gehrke for helping most if not all day long!

Here are the events that we held:

  • Arts-tronomy -- What does a comet look like? How about galaxies? It's up to you in these astronomy-themed arts and crafts activities.

  • Cosmic Comets and Craters -- Deep Impact (extended mission) team members will be making dry ice comets. And we'll have our own version of a sandbox for kids and adults to learn about craters. Demos throughout the day.

  • International Astronomy -- UMD Astronomers come from many cultures and they often travel to remote locations around the world to do their work. Learn about our department's global connections.

  • Solar Observing -- The Sun might not be in solar max but there should still be a few spots visible. We'll be safely observing the sun through telescopes using white light and hydrogen-alpha filters.

  • Solar System Walk -- International? How about interplanetary? Take a tour of the revised Solar System with the AstroTerps.

  • Toys in Space -- Come play with the AstroTerps. See how everyday toys act in space. Short demonstrations throughout the day.

  • 2007 MD Day program booklet


We hope you came and enjoyed "Exploring Our World!"