29 April 2023

Come out and join us for the 20th annual Maryland Day. The Astronomy Department will once again set up with other CMNS departments in front of the Glenn L Martin building.

Official Maryland Day website

Here are the events that we have scheduled:

  • Ask an Astronomer -- Astronomy faculty and students will be on hand to answer your perplexing astronomy-related questions!

  • Fingerprinting the Universe -- We learn that each person has a unique fingerprint. Each chemical element that is in our bodies and the universe also has a unique fingerprint that is encoded in light. Learn how astronomers study the skies using different wavelengths of light and how they decode the light to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

  • Solar Observing -- Take a safe look at the big yellow (or red, depending on the filter) ball in our sky through telescopes with observatory staff.

  • Looking Into the Cosmos -- Join the AstroTerps, the Terrapin Astronomy Society, to explore the familiar and not-so-familiar sights of the universe. How many can you identify?

We hope you come and enjoy "Exploring Our World!"