A Summary of COMB Commands

ad - Add scans to stack2
af - Attach a FITS file to an image
bc - Designate bad channels
c - Calculate something
ca - Calculate values from stacks
cc - Change center channel
cm - Space-space Contour Map
co - Combine two stacks, result in 1 & 2
cp - Contour Plot an image
cr - Cursor read
cv - Convolve stack 1 with stack 3
da - Define an area of an image
dm - Define macro
do - Loop through a command string
dv - Declare user Variables
e - Execute a shell command
el - Eliminate bad chans in stack 1.
em - Empty a stack
fl - Flag location on graph
fo - Fold freq switched data in stack 1
ft - Fourier operations on baseline
gf - Fit a gaussian function to part of a spectrum
gm - Graphics Manipulation
gt - Put scan in st 1
hc - Make a Hard copy of the current screen
im - Image manipulate
in - Integrate part of a spectrum
is - Interpolate a spectrun for a given position
lc - List commands
li - Fit and remove a polynomial baseline
lk - Look at where stacks are
me - Map data Extraction
nf - Switch data files
ns - Name stacks directory
op - Set options
p - Print something
pa - Pause in execution
pd - Print data
pf - Fit a parabola to part of a spectrum
ph - Print in hms format
pl - Plot stack 1
pr - Printf to standard output or a string variable
q - Exit comb
rc - Define relative coordinate system
ri - Redirect command input from a file or string
rm - Calculate rms and ssb noise figure for stack 1
ro - Redirect output to a file or string variable
rs - Rescale and add constant to stack 1
rt - Retrieve stack
sc - Scanf from a file, stdin, or a string variable
sl - Make a slice through an image
sp - Make a scatter plot comparing two images
sq - Squish - increase or decrease chan width
st - Store stack
th - Temperature Histogram
tp - Total power - average chans in stack1 weighted by cal in stack3
uf - Execute a user function on stack 1
up - Update a stacks directory
us - Change use array
v - Compute value for map
vc - Velocity Space Contour Plot
vm - Calculate Virial Mass
wc - Write data Cube
wf - Write an image to a FITS file
wr - Write scan back onto file
wu - What is up (Plot source positions in az and el)
xf - Transfer stacks to directory 2 after making them unique (1/position)
This document was last updated on 21-Apr-2003