Planetary and exoplanetary Lunch Seminar (PALS) for 2024-04-01

Series: Planetary and exoplanetary Lunch Seminar (PALS)
Date: Monday 01-Apr-2024
Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm
Location: ATL 1250 and Zoom (contact host Jacob Kloos for link)
Speaker: Yaeji Kim (UMD)
Title: Numerical approaches to investigate small bodies’ structure and surface properties with case studies

Abstract: Small bodies can tell us essential information to understand their evolutionary history and advance the history of our solar system. Since the currently available data on small bodies mostly come from ground-based observations and a few space exploration missions, it is a necessary process to infer small bodies’ properties based on limited data. In terms of scientific importance, we mainly focus on developing numerical models to characterize small bodies’ properties on the surface and structure based on their complex dynamics and suggest diverse case studies showing how the numerical models are applied to asteroids and Kuiper-belt objects.

If you have any questions, contact the PALS hosts: Jacob Kloos (small bodies) and Matt Nixon (exoplanets).


Special accommodations for individuals with disabilities can be made by calling (301) 405-3001. It would be appreciated if we are notified at least one week in advance.


Directions and information about parking can be found here.

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