Planetary and exoplanetary Astronomy Lunch Seminar (PALS) for 2023-04-17

Series: Planetary and exoplanetary Astronomy Lunch Seminar (PALS)
Date: Monday 17-April-2023
Time: 11:15-12:15
Location: ATL 1250
Speaker: Leah Dodson
Title: Looking Up: A Molecular Perspective at Astronomical Complexity

Abstract: The new molecules astronomers are discovering in space keep astrochemists on their toes! Many of the molecules observed in astrophysical objects are totally outlandish by traditional perspectives: long linear unsaturated carbon chains, metals in surprising charge states, and strained ring structures have all challenged chemists to think beyond terrestrial conventions in explaining how these molecules form and react, and where they fit into the overall cycle of planetary and stellar evolution. The challenge to laboratory astrochemists like us is to study this exotic chemistry under the relevant physical conditions—most importantly the low temperatures of space. In this talk I will explain the lengths we go to to study chemical reactions at temperatures down to 10 K. Come hear about all of the exceptions to the rules (lies) you were taught in your introductory chemistry courses!

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