Planetary Decadal Survey Town Hall Meeting


The AAS Division for Planetary Sciences is holding a series of town hall meetings to discuss the 2013-2023 Planetary Decadal Survey. The UM Department of Astronomy has agreed to host one of these meetings.


  • Ralph McNutt - Messenger Project Scientist - APL
  • Jim Green - Planetary Science Division-Director - NASA


The target audience consists of planetary scientists in the region, but the meeting is open to other scientists, students and the general public.

Local Contacts:

  • Brian Prager, CSS Room 2337, 301-405-5024
  • Jessica M. Sunshine, CSS Room 2337A, 301-405-1045
  • Michael F. A'Hearn, CSS Room 2337B, 301-405-6076


Friday 25 March 2011, 3:00pm


The meeting will be held in rm 2400 of the Computer Space Science (CSS) Building (bldg 224) (H5 on the campus map). Rm 2400 is on the second floor of wing 4 of CSS. Wing 4 is in fact a separate building and much newer looking (and is highlighted in blue on the map below). It is the building pictured here.


  • Free Parking will be available in all numbered (not lettered) lots. This color-coded map shows numbered lots as being those in yellow and purple. The closest is Lot 5 which is the top most level of the garage across the street from CSS. Lot 2f is on the other side. Then there are the lots down by the Comcast Center (Lots 9 and 11).
  • General Parking is also available at the Visitor's Lot located on Paint Branch Drive and the Visitor's lot located further up Stadium Drive near Byrd Stadium. Payment is collected at the digital pay stations.
  • There is an interactive map that might be useful to preplan the route to walk from whatever lot you park in to wing 4 of CSS.

Last update: 01 March 2011, Brian Prager

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