List of Past BANG Seminars : 01-Sep-2014 to 31-Dec-2014

Date:   Thu 11-Sep-2014
Speaker:   Prof. Monica Rubio (Department of Astronomy, University of Chile)
Title:  Perspectives for Astronomy in Chile

Chilean Astronomy has been booming for the last 20 years. New funding possibilities, access to 10% of telescope time and the increase of Chilean universities with Astronomy groups are responsible for such growth. Chile is becoming an attractive place for young astronomers as well as for graduate students interchange. A description of the development of Astronomy in Chile will be presented. [Dr. Rubio's presentation is available online.]

Date:   Thu 18-Sept-2014
Speaker:   Sylvain Veilleux, Mike Boylan-Kolchin, Laura Blecha, Karen Yang, Shaye Storm
Title:  Academic Job Panel

Experiences regarding the academic job market, and some tips for navigating the process successfully.

Date:   Thu 25-Sep-2014
Speaker:   Dr. Jillian Bellovary (Bridge Postdoctoral Fellow, Vanderbilt University)
Title:  Lessons from the Fisk-Vanderbilt Bridge Program

This week in our Career Paths time slot (Thursday, 9/25, 4pm), we'll have our colloquium speaker, Jillian Bellovary, talk about the Fisk-Vanderbilt Masters-to-PhD Bridge program and her involvement with it. This program has been incredibly successful and serves as a model for other similar efforts across the country, and we highly encourage you to attend to learn more about what they do and why it works.

Date:   Thu 2-Oct-2014
Speaker:   Dr. Stuart Vogel (Maryland)
Title:  Discussion of Reid's "Gender-based Systematics in HST Proposal Selection" Preprint

We'll discuss a very interesting preprint authored by Neil Reid titled "Gender-based Systematics in HST Proposal Selection". It's broadly relevant to all of us for a number of reasons. One reason is that the paper provides a lot of useful information on the process for selection of HST proposals. HST has been a dominant source of grant funding for observers and even for theorists. Even for other funding and observing proposals, the selection process for HST has much that may be relevant. It's a very appropriate topic for our Career Paths seminar. The paper also reveals a very interesting systematic difference in proposal success depending on the gender of the PI. We'll look at the evidence and results, and discuss. This should be an interesting kickoff to the Diversity seminar series, which will share the Career Paths seminar slot!

Date:   Thu 9-Oct-2014
Speaker:   Dr. Brian Morsony (Maryland)
Title:  Results from the 2013 CSWA Demographic Survey

In 2013 the AAS Committee for the Status of Women in Astronomy (CSWA) collected information of the representation of women from US PhD-granting astronomy departments, and combined physics/astronomy departments and non-academic institutions with large astronomy groups. This was the 4th similar survey carried out since 1992, providing a unique longitudinal data set for tracking changes to the representation of women at the graduate, postdoc and faculty levels. I will discuss the results of the survey and its conclusions regarding the status of women in astronomy.

Date:   Thu 30-Oct-2014
Speaker:   Professor Stuart Vogel, Professor Suvi Gezari, Professor Mike Boylan-Kolchin (Maryland)
Title:   The End Stages of the Job Search: Shortlists, Offers, and Negotiations

Date:   Thu 13-Nov-2014
Speaker:   Dr. Marc Pound
Title:  Non-Tenure Track Status: Nationwide and Locally

Most positions in academia are non-tenurable. The paradigmatic career path of graduate student to post-doc to professor stopped being the paradigm a long time ago. In this talk, I will review the employment trends both nationwide and at UMD, then review the positive changes the University is making to support and enhance the careers of this dedicated and no longer silent majority.

Date:   Thu 04-Dec-2014
Speaker:   Marcia Segura (NASA/GSFC)

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