List of Past BANG Seminars : 01-Jan-2013 to 01-Jun-2013

Date:   Thu, 31-Jan-2013
Speaker:   Dr. Abby Sheffer (Space Studies Board; NAS)
Title:  Swapping a lab coat for a suit - A journey from planetary science to science policy

Abstract : With a newly-minted PhD, and a desire to work on something with a wider focus than chemically reduced meteorite impact glasses, Abigail moved to Washington, DC, to look for a new career. She was offered a chance at a fellowship with the Space Studies Board of the National Academy of Sciences to work on the 10 year planning survey for the planetary science community. After meeting many of her planetary science heroes and then pestering them for writing assignments, she decided that herding scientists for a living was exactly the career she was looking for. Joking aside, the Space Studies Board is an essential bridge between the science community and those in the government who determine the long-term future goals of scientific research and how those goals will be funded. Feel free to ask about science policy, the SSB and its studies, the ins and outs of NASA politics, and the difficulty of leaving academia.

For further information please contact Career Paths coordinator Dr. Chris Reynolds at, 301-405-2682

Date:   Thu, 14-Feb-2013
Speaker:   Dr. Vanessa Cohen (Garrison Forest School)
Title:  Going Back to High School: Finding, Getting, and Enjoying a Teaching Position in an Independent School

Abstract : High school teaching is ideally suited for those who love to learn, enjoy working closely with students, and have a desire to interact with and impact a larger school community. Beyond their classroom work, high school teachers often serve as academic mentors, coaches, and club advisors, and the relationships formed with students over years of close interaction are especially rewarding. In many independent private schools, teachers are given freedom to arrange their courses as they see fit, and they are encouraged to be innovative and creative in their teaching methods.

In this seminar, I will discuss the search for job openings in private high schools, tailoring a resume, interviewing, and negotiating a contract after an offer is made. I will also talk about the transition from academia to secondary education, and the unique lifestyle of a high school teacher. After this brief presentation, I will be happy to answer your questions.

For further information please contact Career Paths coordinator Dr. Chris Reynolds at, 301-405-2682

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