List of Past LMA/CARMA Seminars : 01-Sep-2008 to 31-Dec-2008

Date:   Monday 15-Sep-2008
Speaker:   Dr. Javier Ballesteros-Paredes (UNAM, Morelia)
Title:   "Six Myths on the Virial Theorem for Interstellar Clouds"

Date:   Mon 22-Sep-2008
Speaker:   Adam Leroy
Title:  "Star Formation in THINGS and HERACLES"

I will talk about our efforts to relate gas and star formation in nearby galaxies using THINGS, HERACLES and the data surrounding SINGS. THINGS is "The HI Nearby Galaxy Survey," an NRAO large program that mapped HI at high resolution in 33 nearby galaxies. HERACLES is the "HERA CO-Line Extragalactic Survey," a multi-semester project at the IRAM 30m that mapped CO 2-1 emission from the disks of 18 THINGS galaxies. Both surveys overlap the Spitzer Infrared Nearby Galaxies Survey (SINGS), so that there are many multiwavelength data available. I will summarize the relationships that we find among HI, H2, and the star formation rate and mention how these compare to proposed drivers of star and molecular cloud formation.

Date:   Mon 20-Oct-2008
Speaker:   Stephanie Zonak
Title:   "The Zpectrometer and High Redshift CO: Development, Implemtation and Astronomical Results of a New Cross Correlating Spectrometer"

Date:   Fri 07-Nov-2008 (Note: Special time and day)
Speaker:   Dr. Jane Rigby
Title:   "Lensed Star-forming Galaxies and Obscured AGN"

Date:   Mon 08-Dec-2008
Speaker:   Dr. Stephen Rinehart (GSFC)

Date:   Mon 15-Dec-2008
Speaker:   Dr. Tony Remijan (NRAO)
Title:   "Splatalogue - Database for Astronomical Spectroscopy
Abstract:   The next generation of powerful radio and millimeter/submillimeter observatories (e.g. CARMA, EVLA, ALMA, Herschel) require extensive resources to help identify spectral line transitions. In this presentation, I will describe the most complete spectral line database currently assembled for this purpose. The Splatalogue is a comprehensive transition-resolved compilation of observed, measured and calculated spectral lines. In addition to the JPL and CDMS spectral line lists, 229,221 new/updated lines from the Spectral Line Atlas of Interstellar Molecules (SLAIM) were included. Of that, 12,332 lines (or an addition of ~2000 lines) were added to the Lovas/NIST Recommended Rest Frequencies of known astronomical transitions. To these added lines, we have run diagnostics on the 4 lists for overlaps on transitions, frequencies, formulae and chemical names and have come up with a common way to display and designate each individual species. Splatalogue also contains atomic and recombination lines, template spectra, and is completely VO-compliant, queryable under the IVOA SLAP standard. The details of the database and how it can be used by observatories operating from long wavelength radio observations to the submillieter will be discussed.

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