List of Past LMA/CARMA Seminars : 01-Sep-1997 to 31-Dec-1997

Date:   Friday 22-Aug-1997
Speaker:   Andrew Blain (MRAO)
Title:   ``Gravitational Lensing in the Submillimetre Waveband"

Date:   Thursday 02-Oct-1997
Speaker:   Mike Dopita (Mt. Stromlo Obs, Australian National U.)
Title:   ``Towards a Truly Unified Model of AGN: Aspect, Accretion and Evolution"

Date:   Thursday 16-Oct-1997
Speaker:   Shantanu Basu (CITA)
Title:   ``Gravitaional Collapse, Self-Similar Evolution, and the Formation of Protostars and Disks"

Date:   Thursday 20-Nov-1997
Speaker:   Marc Pound
Title:   "Molecular Gas in the Eagle Nebula"

Date:   Mon 01-Dec-1997
Speaker:   Juergen Stutzki (University of Cologne)
Title:   "The Fractal Structure of Molecular Clouds"

Date:   Tue 02-Dec-1997
Speaker:   Jennifer Hatchell (UMIST)
Title:   "Molecular Line Observations of Hot Cores"

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