List of Past LMA/CARMA Seminars : 01-Jan-2002 to 01-Jun-2002

Date:   Tue 15-Jan-2002
Speaker:   Yancy Shirley (Univ of Texas at Austin)
Title:   "Modeling the Submillimeter Dust Continuum Emission from Nearby Low Mass Star Forming Cores"

Date:   Mon 18-Mar-2002
Speaker:   Brenda Matthews (Univ of California at Berkeley)
Title:   "Dust Polarimetry in Star-Forming Clouds: Is it the Smoking Gun in understanding Magnetic Field Geometries?"

Date:   Mon 8-Apr-2002
Speaker:   Andy Harris (UMD)
Title:   The Zpectrometer: Study of a high redshift galaxy search machine for the IRAM 30m.

Date:   Tue 30-Apr-2002
Speaker:   K.-Y. Lo (ASIAA, Taiwan)
Title:   The Current Status of Astronomy in Taiwan

Date:   Thur 9-May-2002
Speaker:   Al Wootten (NRAO Charlottesville)
Title:   "The Atacama Large Millimeter Array: Imaging Cosmic Dawn"

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