List of Past LMA/CARMA Seminars : 01-Jan-2009 to 01-Jun-2009

Date:   Thu 29-Jan-2009
Speaker:   Dr. Gerrit Verschuur (University of Memphis)
Title:  "A Fresh Look at the Properties of Anomalous Velocity Interstellar HI in the Northern Galactic Hemisphere"

Abstract: The discovery of high-northern-latitude galactic HI at anomalous velocities is quickly approaching its 50th anniversary. During this time, there has been a wealth of history as well as mystery, not to mention a fair bit of controversy. This controversy is likely to continue as we examine the high-quality, sidelobe-free HI data now available from the Leiden/Argentine/Bonn survey. A fresh look at the properties of the HI emission (northern hemisphere, second quadrant) reveals that it is not in the form of ?clouds? but rather in long, twisted filaments, possibly controlled by magnetic fields. In addition, the original division of the anomalous HI emission into distinct velocity regimes seems inappropriate. Evidence abounds for HI emission bridging material at different velocities. Furthermore, an over-reliance on non-detections of interstellar absorption lines to establish lower limits on the distances to these features has led to the current (probably incorrect) paradigm: that high-, intermediate-, and low-velocity gas are at distinctly different distances and, therefore, cannot be physically related. Instead, we find that the presence of this anomalous-velocity HI gas is the result of a dramatic disturbance, which has led to a deficiency of local, low-velocity gas. In addition, it appears that all the material in this area of the sky must be in the solar neighborhood. Finally, we wish to stress that attempts to account for the existence of the anomalous-velocity HI features must recognize that the absence of low-velocity gas is at least as significant as the presence of high- and intermediate-velocity gas.

Date:   Mon 09-Mar-2009
Speaker:   Daisuke Iono (NAOJ), Yoichi Tamura (U of Tokyo), Bunyo Hatsukade (U of Tokyo)
Title:   "Upgrades of the Nobeyama 45m Telescope", Submillimeter galaxies i na high-redshift proto-cluster", "AzTEC/ASTE 1.1-mm survey of AKARI Deep Field South"

Date:   Mon 23-Mar-2009
Speaker:   Dr. Nurur Rahman (UMD)
Title:   "Resolved Star Formation Law in Nearby Infrared-Bright Galaxies"
Abstract:   We are studying resolved star formation law using CARMA STING (Survey Toward Infrared-bright Nearby Galaxies), an interferometric CO survey of a sample of 27 star-forming nearby galaxies with a wealth of multi-wavelength data designed to study star formation in environments throughout the blue sequence at sub-kpc scales. We will present results for NGC 4254 (M99), one of our sample galaxies. We construct star formation rate surface density (SFRSD) and gas (atomic and molecular) surface density indicators using a combination of high resolution data from CARMA, KPNO, Spitzer, IRAM and VLA.

Date:   Thu 26-Mar-2009 (Note: Special time and day and room)
Speaker:   Dr. Peter Barnes (UF)
Title:   TBA

Date:   Mon 06-Apr-2009
Speaker:   Dr. Duilia de Mello (GSFC)
Title:   "Star Formation Outside Galaxies"
Abstract:   I will report the discovery of a population of young blue objects, similar to M81/M82 blue blobs (de Mello et al. 2008), outside interacting galaxies. These blue blobs were found using multiwavelength data (UV, HI, optical) for groups of galaxies HCG 2, 7, 22, 23, 92, 100 and NGC 92 and merger remnant NGC 2782 which are in different stages of interaction. We find that all evolved groups contain a population of young blue objects consistent with having ages < 100 Myr. Moreover, they also show extended HI tails and peculiar velocity field. Our results indicate that the blue blobs are stellar clusters and/or dwarf galaxies formed in the intra-group HI clouds of groups in advanced stage of interaction .

Date:   Mon 13-Apr-2009
Speaker:   Dr. Claudia Knez (UMD)
Title:   "Laboratory experiments of solid acetylene mixtures and their application to interstellar conditions"

Date:   Mon 20-Apr-2009
Speaker:   Dr. Laura Hainline (UMD)
Title:   "Evolutionary Constraints for Submillimeter Galaxies From Uncontaminated Estimates of Stellar Mass and Luminosity"

Date:   Mon 11-May-2009
Speaker:   Ashley Zauderer (UMD)
Title:   "High Resolution Imaging of ULIRGs using CARMA Paired Antenna Calibration System (PACS) for Atmopsheric Correction over Long Baselines"

Date:   Mon 15-June-2009
Speaker:   Farhad Yusef-Zadeh (Northwestern U).
Title:  "The Massive Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy"

It is becoming increasing clear that an underluminous supermassive black hole (Sgr A*) lies at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. I will show the evidence that has led to this conclusion. I will then present highlights of recent observing campaigns to study the flaring activity of the black hole. The correlation of the variable emission in multiple wavelengths shows time delay in the peaks of flare emission. This is interpreted in terms of an expanding blob of synchrotron emitting hot plasma very close to the event horizon of Sgr A* with implication on its low luminosity. Modeling of these flaring are providing us with insights on the nature of the flow very near the event horizon of a four million solar mass black hole. Time permitting, I will also discuss the origin of one or two discs of massive stars found within 0.5 pc of Sgr A* as well signatures of young massive star forming regions in the molcular ring orbiting Sgr A*. The disk formation is interpreted in terms of the partial accretion of extended Galactic center clouds that temporarily pass through the central region.

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