List of Past LMA/CARMA Seminars : 01-Jan-2012 to 01-Jun-2012

Date:   Friday 20-April-2012
Speaker:   Fahad Zadar (UMBC)
Title:  *** CANCELED ***


3D Imaging of Scientific Data

As stereoscopic display devices are becoming common, most performance studies conducted on these 3D displays are based on either physical measurement of display characteristics using instrumentation or psycho-physics experiments with humans quantifying their experience. We present a computational stereoscopic observer approach that makes decisions based on a set of image pairs that is inspired by the mechanisms of stereopsis in human vision. Our stereo-observer inputs a stereo left and a stereo right image generated using a visualization operator. The visual operator is the rendering of a simulated voxel dataset visu alized using ray-tracing. The applicability of this observer extends to stereo-d isplays in the areas of entertainment, industrial, and medical imaging applications.

Date:   Thu 28-Jun-2012
Speaker:   Kyle Westfall
Title:  The Disks of Spiral Galaxies: Mass and Stability

The DiskMass Survey is a multi-wavelength imaging and spectroscopic survey of late-type spiral galaxies, undertaken with the primary goal of measuring the baryonic masses of their disks. In this seminar, I will briefly discuss the survey motivation and strategy, and I will present a few of the results obtained so far. In particular, we find that (nearly) all of the observed galaxy disks are sub-maximal; that is, the observed disks have a substantial, even dominant, dark-matter component at small radii. For one well-studied example, I will also show how we have estimated the shape of the stellar velocity ellipsoid and determined that the disk is stable, with a composite (gas+stars) stability of Q~2. Finally, I will discuss some future directions for the survey, including a campaign to map the molecular gas in these galaxies.

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