List of Past LMA/CARMA Seminars : 01-Jan-1999 to 01-Jun-1999

Date:   Thu 21-Jan-1999
Speaker:   Anne Dutrey
Title:  "Protoplanetary disks as seen by the IRAM Interferometer"

Since 1992, we observed with the IRAM instruments in continuum at 3.4, 2.7 and/or 1.3mm and in CO lines about 40 protoplanetary disks associated to TTauri stars in Taurus-Auriga. Most of the sources observed are single stars but some of them are binary and multiple systems. In this seminar, I will mainly present the gas and dust distribution around a few single and multiple systems such as GG Tau, UY Aur, UZ Tau, GM Aur, DM Tau... which have been intensively observed at high angular resolution (2''-0.5'') with the Plateau de Bure interferometer. In particular, I will show how high signal to noise ratio CO maps allow quantitative modellings of the disk properties and an independent measurement of the stellar mass from the velocity pattern of the CO lines. I will then briefly conclude by extrapolating these results to the next generation of mm arrays.

Date:   Mon 25-Jan-1999
Speaker:   Chi Yuan
Title:   "Dynamics of Disk Galaxies"

Date:   Thu 29-Apr-1999
Speaker:   David Neufeld
Title:   "First results from the Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite"

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