List of Past Astronomy Colloquia : 01-Sep-1998 to 31-Dec-1998

Date:   Thursday 10-Sep-98
Speaker:   Dr. Paul Butler (Anglo-Australian Observatory) **Note Date and Room**
Title:  "The Lick, Keck, and Anglo-Australian Planet Surveys"

Date:   Wednesday 16-Sep-98
Speaker:   Dr. Minho Choi and Dr. Carol Mundell (University of Maryland)
Title:  "BIMA Survey for Protostellar Collapse Candidates" and "Neutral Hydrogen as a Probe of AGN and their Hosts"

Date:   Wednesday 23-Sep-98
Speaker:   Dr. Harri Vanhala (Department of Terrestrial Magnetism)
Title:  "Simulations of Shock-triggered Star Formation"

Date:   Wednesday 30-Sep-98
Speaker:   Dr. Gerhardt Meurer (Johns Hopkins University)
Title:  "Dust Absorption and the Luminosity Density at z ~ 3"

Date:   Wednesday 7-Oct-98
Speaker:   Prof. Jerry Sellwood (Rutgers University)
Title:  "Formation of Maximum Disks and Massive Central Objects"

Date:   Wednesday 14-Oct-98
Speaker:   No colloquium this week; October Conference

Date:   Wednesday 21-Oct-98
Speaker:   Dr. Monica Valluri (Rutgers University)
Title:  "Dynamics of elliptical galaxies with central black holes"

Date:   Tuesday 27-Oct-98
Speaker:   Dr. Stephane Courteau (DAO) **Note Date and Time**
Title:  "Dark Matter and the Structure of Late-type Spirals"

Date:   Wednesday 4-Nov-98
Speaker:   Dr. Jill Tarter (SETI Institute)
Title:  Status Report on Project Phoenix, A Privately Funded Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Date:   Wednesday 11-Nov-98
Speaker:   Prof. James Liebert (University of Arizona)
Title:  "Brown Dwarfs: From Mythical to Ubiquitous"

Date:   Wednesday 18-Nov-98
Speaker:   Dr. Jennifer Wiseman (Johns Hopkins University)
Title:  "The Environment of Protostellar Jets"

Date:   Wednesday 25-Nov-98
Speaker:   No colloquium this week; Thanksgiving

Date:   Wednesday 2-Dec-98
Speaker:   Dr. Henry Ferguson (STScI)
Title:  "The Hubble Deep Fields"

Date:   Wednesday 9-Dec-98
Speaker:   Prof. Virginia Trimble (University of Maryland)
Title:  "Astrophysics in 1998"

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