List of Past Education Seminars : 01-Sep-2009 to 31-Dec-2009

Date:   Fri 16-Oct-2009
Speaker:   Dr. Melissa N. Hayes-Gehrke (U. Maryland)
Title:  "'Is the Solar System Bigger than a Galaxy?' Encouraging Critical Thinking in Astronomy Classes with Ranking Tasks"

Learn what ranking tasks are and how to implement them in courses of different sizes and levels. A dessert will be provided.

Date:   Thu 12-Nov-2009
Speaker:   Dr. Ed Prather (U. Arizona)
Title:  "Research on the Effectiveness of Interactive Instruction: A Study From Introductory Astronomy"

(PLEASE NOTE the unusual time and day; dessert will still be provided!) Dr. Prather is a leader in astronomy interactive learning and education research. He has recently published results of a study of 4000 astronomy students evaluating the effectiveness of interactive instruction.

Date:   Fri 11-Dec-2009
Speaker:   David Adler (Space Telescope Science Institute), Beth Hugnagel (Anne Arundel Community College), John Vernaleo (Goddard), Melissa Hayes-Gehrke (UMd.)
Title:  "Finding a Job with an Astronomy Degree: Panel Discussion"

A panel of astronomy graduates that are currently employed in non-traditional positions will discuss the paths they took to reach these positions and what type of preparation they had. Questions are strongly encouraged.

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