List of Past Planetary Astronomy Lunches (PALS) : 01-Jan-2022 to 01-Jun-2022

Date:   Monday 31-January-2022
Speaker:   Prabal Saxena (UMD/GSFC)
Title:  Turning Up the Difficulty Setting on Observations of Directly Imaged Exoplanets

Abstract: Space-based observations of directly imaged exoplanets are coming! With JWST and Roman coming relatively soon and the Astrophysics Decadal recommending a large optical/UV/IR space telescope capable of directly imaging Earth-sized planets, a range of worlds will be observed in ways they never have been before. With those new worlds will come additional challenges. I'll talk about observing two potentially interesting targets with Roman and also a couple potential issues that will need to be considered when targeting Earth-sized planets in the future.

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