List of Past CTC Theory Lunches : 01-Sep-2001 to 31-Dec-2001

Date:   Tuesday 31-Jul-01
Speaker:   Nat Gopalswamy
Title:   CME Cannibalism

Date:   Tuesday 04-Sep-01
Speaker:   Hideki Ozawa
Title:   Research of X-ray emission from Young Stellar Objects using ASCA

Date:   Tuesday 18-Sep-01
Speaker:   Demos Kazanas
Title:   Pulsar winds: through the light cylinder to the SN remnant

Date:   Monday 24-Sep-01
Speaker:   Dimitrios Psaltis
Title:  Photon-Electron Interaction in Strong Gravitational Fields: Searching for Black Holes in the Gamma-Ray Sky

The defining characteristic of a black hole is its event horizon, in the vicinity of which all material velocities approach the speed of light and spacetime is strongly curved. Understanding the interaction of photons with electrons in these extreme conditions is, therefore, crucial in identifying clear signatures of black holes. I will present the results of recent general-relativistic calculations of radiation transport in accretion flows onto compact objects, addressing the conditions under which such flows produce signatures of the underlying spacetimes, the nature of the central object, and the radiation processes involved. I will then discuss the implications of this work for gamma-ray observations of galactic compact objects with upcoming high-energy missions.

Date:   Tuesday 02-Oct-01
Speaker:   Craig Markwardt
Title:  Low Luminosity X-ray Binaries Near the Galactic Center

The last several decades of X-ray binary astronomy, including the most recent Chandra studies of binaries in other galaxies, have largely focussed on the brightest sources, primarily because they are the easiest to detect. I will present ongoing and preliminary results of a new monitoring survey of the galactic center region with the RXTE PCA instrument, which show that there are a significant number of low luminosity sources. These sources appear to show some modes of accretion which are different than their more luminous brethren. In my talk I will discuss the general population and one or more specific examples.

Date:   Tuesday 16-Oct-01
Speaker:   Tod Strohmayer
Title:   Super Bursts: Nuclear Fury on Neutron Stars

Date:   Tuesday 23-Oct-01
Speaker:   Chris Reynolds
Title:   XMM-Newton observations of MCG-6-30-15 : magnetic extraction of energy from a spinning black hole?

Date:   Monday 12-Nov-01
Speaker:   Alycia Weinberger
Title:  The Evolution of Dusty Circumstellar Disks

NOTE: This talk will be combined with the BIMA Seminar given by Ben Zuckerman.

Date:   Monday 19-Nov-01
Speaker:   Jonathan Aurnou
Title:   Rotating Convection Experiments Relevant to Planetary Cores

Date:   Tuesday 11-Dec-01
Speaker:   Paul Mahaffy
Title:   Protosolar Nitrogen and the 15N/14N Ratio at Jupiter

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