List of Past CTC Theory Lunches : 01-Sep-1996 to 31-Dec-1996

Date:   Tuesday 10-Sep-96
Speaker:   Jim Stone, John Wang, Heinko Falke, & Eve Ostriker
Title:   Summary of IAU Coll. 163 - Disks and Outflows

Date:   Tuesday 10-Sep-96
Speaker:   TBA
Title:   TBA

Date:   Tuesday 24-Sep-96
Speaker:   Eve Ostriker / Jim Stone
Title:   Collimation of Winds from Disks (EO) Dynamics of Unstable C-shocks (JS)

Date:   Tuesday 08-Oct-96
Speaker:   Wang Chen (GSFC) / Mark Houdashelt
Title:   Al-26 in the Galaxy (WC), and Spectral Modeling of Stellar Populations in Elliptical Galaxies (MH)

Date:   Tuesday 29-Oct-96
Speaker:   Chris Mihos (JHU)
Title:   Using Tidal Tails to Probe Dark Matter Halos

Date:   Tuesday 05-Nov-96
Speaker:   Kurt Roettiger (UMd)
Title:   TBA

Date:   Tuesday 12-Nov-96
Speaker:   Matthew Baring (GSFC)
Title:   Gamma-Rays from Pulsars: the Role of High Magnetic Fields

Date:   Tuesday 03-Dec-96
Speaker:   Geoff Bicknell (Australian National University)
Title:   Shock Excitation of Emission Lines in AGN

Date:   Tuesday 10-Dec-96
Speaker:   Kouichi Hirotani (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
Title:   Pair plasma production in black hole magnetospheres

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