List of Past CTC Theory Lunches : 01-Jan-2000 to 01-Jun-2000

Date:   Monday 21-Feb-00
Speaker:   Cole Miller
Title:   Accretion in the early universe

Date:   Monday 28-Feb-00
Speaker:   Kristen Miller
Title:   Characteristics of geometrically thick accretion flows

Date:   Monday 13-Mar-00
Speaker:   Matthew Bate
Title:   The Origin of the Properties of Binary Stellar Systems

Date:   Tuesday 21-Mar-00
Speaker:   Eric Agol
Title:  Imaging an Event Horizon

The galactic center black hole, Sagittarius A*, has the largest angular size of any known black hole. This makes it the best candidate for direct imaging of an event horizon. We have computed the appearance of accreting black holes for a variety of simple models, and show that the event horizon casts a shadow, causing a dip in the emission. Future VLBI experiments at sub-mm wavelengths should be able to detect this shadow, which would be the ultimate test of the existence of a black hole.

Date:   Tuesday 11-Apr-00
Speaker:   Jayanne English
Title:   Disk-Halo Interactions: A Galactic Worm Revealed

Date:   Tuesday 25-Apr-00
Speaker:   Steve Kortenkamp
Title:   Formation of Terrestrial Planets and Asteroids

Date:   Friday 19-May-00
Speaker:   Takayoshi Sano
Title:   Magneto-Rotational Instability in Protoplanetary Disks

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