List of Past CTC Theory Lunches : 01-Jan-1996 to 01-Jun-1996

Date:   Tuesday 13-Feb-96
Speaker:   Taoling Xie/John Wang
Title:   The Youth of Chemistry and the Amplitudes of MHD Waves in Molecular Clouds/A Newly Discovered X-ray binary near the Galactic Center

Date:   Tuesday 20-Feb-96
Speaker:   Heino Falcke
Title:   TBA

Date:   Tuesday 27-Feb-96
Speaker:   Peter Teuben/David Spergel
Title:   Petaflop Computing/Low Surface Brightness Galaxies

Date:   Tuesday 05-Mar-96
Speaker:   Mike Regan
Title:   Angular Momentum Transport in Galaxies

Date:   Tuesday 19-Mar-96
Speaker:   Charles Gammie / Jim Stone
Title:   T Tauri Disks / TBA

Date:   Tuesday 26-Mar-96
Speaker:   Heino Falcke / Jim Stone
Title:   Galactic Center Meeting / TBA

Date:   Tuesday 02-Apr-96
Speaker:   Kurt Roettiger
Title:   H0, the S-Z effect, and non-isothermal clusters

Date:   Tuesday 16-Apr-96
Speaker:   Leo Blitz
Title:   TBA

Date:   Tuesday 30-Apr-96
Speaker:   Marc Pound
Title:   The Ursa Major Molecular Cloud

Date:   Tuesday 07-May-96
Speaker:   Marc Pound (really, this time!)
Title:   The Ursa Major Molecular Cloud

Date:   Tuesday 14-May-96
Speaker:   Roger Bell / J.Wang, J.Mattox & D.Smith
Title:   Synthetic spectroscopy / San Diego HEAD mtg.

Date:   Tuesday 21-May-96
Speaker:   David Spergel / J.Wang, D.Smith and others
Title:   Distance Scale Mtg./ San Diego HEAD mtg.

Date:   Tuesday 15-Apr-97
Speaker:   Jim Chiang (NRL)
Title:   The Disk Wind Model of the Broad Emission Lines in AGNs and CVs

Date:   THURSDAY 24-Apr-97
Speaker:   Kevin Rauch (CITA)
Title:   Resonant Relaxation in Galactic Nuclei

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