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Erica Hammerstein Name:Erica Hammerstein
Title:Graduate Student
Room:ATL 1227

Erica Hammerstein is a sixth-year graduate student interested in time-domain astrophysics and transients related to supermassive black hole phenomena. She is working with Dr. Brad Cenko and other ZTF collaborators on the discovery, classification, and follow-up of tidal disruption event (TDE) candidates as part of the Zwicky Transient Facility collaboration. Erica is currently focused on understanding the multi-wavelength properties of the ZTF sample of TDEs as well as the population of black holes at the center of these events and their host galaxies. She has been a teaching assistant for ASTR101 and is currently involved in GRAD-MAP and the outreach events presented to the department, and has served as the Prospective Student Visit Coordinator. She served as the graduate student Vice President and is currently a Graduate Council representative for her class year.
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