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Mike Kelley Name: Mike Kelley
Title: Associate Research Scientist
Room: ATL 1207B
Phone: (301) 405-3796
E-mail: msk
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My work revolves around comets and asteroids, remnants of our Solar System's epoch of planet formation. Their compositions reflect the material and processes that shaped our proto-planetary disk, as it existed 4.5 billion years ago. I primarily study dust properties and cometary activity with a variety of techniques, including reflectance and thermal emission spectroscopy, morphological analyses, dust dynamical models, and photometric variability. I use data from ground-based telescopes, like the Lowell Discovery Telescope, Zwicky Transient Facility, and NASA's Infrared Telescope Facility, and space-based telescopes, like the Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescopes. I was a science team member of the Deep Impact eXtended Investigation, and am now a member of the Solar System Science Collaboration for the Rubin Observatory's Legacy Survey of Space and Time.

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