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Anne Raugh Name:Anne Raugh
Title:Principal Faculty Specialist
Room:ATL 1249
Phone:(301) 405-6855

Anne Raugh is the data standards and data FAIR-ness expert for the Small Bodies Node (SBN) of NASA's Planetary Data System, the main division of which is located here in the Astronomy Department. She was one of the designers of the revised PDS4 standards, built around rich, structured metadata designed to support re-use, and was the primary motivator behind the SBN becoming a direct member of DataCite in order to provide DOI services and benefits for those archiving data with the SBN. She was invited to serve on the DataCite Metadata Working Group (MDWG), and currently serves as the MDWG representative to the DataCite Services and Tecnical Steering Group. Her current focus is on PDS4 metadata development to support interdisciplinary research, automated access, and the FAIR data principles; and on applying DOIs to the SBN archives and Minor Planet Center publications to promote citation for both author credit and replicability of research results in the literature. She currently serves in the UMCP Campus Senate representing Profession Track Faculty of the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences, and on the Senate Plan of Organization Review Committee.
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