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Anne Raugh Name: Anne Raugh
Title: Principal Faculty Specialist
Room: ATL 1249
Phone: (301) 405-6855
E-mail: raugh
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Anne Raugh is the data standards expert for the Small Bodies Node of NASA's Planetary Data System, the main division of which is located here in the Astronomy Department. She is one of the designers of the revised PDS4 standards, first released in 2013, and has been developing tutorial and reference documentation in the form of the SBN PDS4 Wiki. She also provides training and consultation on PDS archive development for NASA-funded missions and researchers, foreign projects seeking to use the PDS archive standards in their own national archives, and individual researchers and consortia wishing to contribute observations to the PDS archives. A programmer by training, she also has experience with database and web design/implementation. She was a member of the 2017 PDS Roadmap Study Team, and currently serves on the Astronomy Computer Committee and the UMCP Senate Committee on Elections, Representation, and Governance.
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