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Vicente Villanueva Llanos Name:Vicente Villanueva Llanos
Title:Graduate Student
Room:ATL 1239

I am Vicente Villanueva Llanos, a fifth year graduate student and PhD candidate at University of Maryland, College Park. Originally from Rancagua, Chile, I begun my career in astronomy at the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics of the Universidad de Chile, where I got my BSc. in Astronomy in 2014. In 2016, and after two years of continuous research under the supervision of Dr. Radostin Kurtev and Dr. Eduardo Ibar, I got my master degree in astrophysics at Universidad de Valparaiso. During this period, I was mainly working on two projects: the calculation of parallaxes in high proper motion objects using the VVV survey, and the analysis of the molecular gas content in star-forming galaxies at low redshift using the VALES sample. I came to U.S.A in 2018 for my PhD and to work under the supervision of Dr. Alberto Bolatto and Dr. Stuart Vogel, from whom I have learned about radioastronomy and life, among others. My main topic of research is based on the analysis of the star formation laws in nearby galaxies as a function of the local physical conditions of the ISM by using CO observations from EDGE-CALIFA and VERTICO.

For a list of the publications I have co-authored/published, click here.
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