Kevin Rauch's Research

Kevin Rauch

Most of my current/recent effort is devoted to correlator hardware and software development for several radio/infrared telescope facilities, including CARMA, GBT, RLT, and SOFIA.

By training I am a theoretical astrophysicist. My basic research interests include black hole physics, (active) galactic nuclei, gravitational lensing, numerical techniques, relativistic astrophysics, and celestial mechanics/stellar dynamics. My research is theoretically oriented and usually involves substantial numerical computation.

ADS Listing for past 5 years

Revised CARMA correlator
The CARMA correlator is undergoing a hardware revision, which will substantially improve its current capabilities. Each correlator band consists of a set of custom digital logic cards which digitize and cross-correlate the raw array antenna signals. I am working on embedded programming for the FPGAs on these boards (the large silver chips in the photo), which are responsible for real-time signal processing of the digitized antenna signals. I am also developing part of the higher-level data acquisition and control software.

Green Bank Zpectrometer
I designed and implemented the embedded firmware for the Zpectrometer, an ultra-wideband spectrometer mounted on the Robert C. Byrd telescope, located in Green Bank, WV. I also developed a major portion of the high-level control software used to operate the backends.

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