Rodrigo Herrera Camus's Research

My research interests are in the extragalactic field, mainly focused in the study of the interstellar medium (ISM) of galaxies. During my first year of graduate school I worked with Dr. Alberto Bolatto studying the dust properties of the low metallicity dwarf galaxy I Zw 18. Currently, I am working in two projects: I am starting to analyze spectroscopic data obtained by the Herschel Space Observatory as part of the KINGFISH project. The second one, is based on the work published by Hodges-Kluck et al. 2009 on the detection and characterization of dense, parsec-scale clumps near the the great annihilator. Using observations obtained as a CARMA 2010 summer school attendant, I am extending the search of these dense clumps to unexplored regions in the galactic center.

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