UM Astronomy Resources: Electromagnetic Spectrum

What follows is a list of teaching resources for use in department classes. (They are not for sale!)

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Title/Name Description Label ID Resource Type Location
Reflectance Spectrometer Reflectance Spectrometer that gives data number readings of any list surface - no calibration has yet been done. A binder of activities to do with spectrometer is next to it on the shelf.   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Spectrum Cards 19 cards with small diffraction grating and spectra for many different lamp types on card. Allows for identification of lamp types by spectra   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Spectrum Overhead Projector kits Large diffraction grating that can be attached to an overhead projector to project a spectrum on the wall.   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Diffraction Gratings, Boxed Two boxes of 10 slide sized and mounted diffraction gratings.   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Diffraction gratings, envelope Envelope of diffraction gratings of various sizes   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Diffraction gratings glasses 14 Glasses   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Prism, plastic triangle Plastic, triangle prism about 5 inches long.   Demonstrations CSS 0252
light source stand 2 Light bulb in stand   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Light socket w/clamp Light socket with a clamp attachment for use in classroom demos   Demonstrations CSS 0252
3D Glasses Circa 50   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Rectangular filters Large red, blue and green rectangular filters sheets   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Infrared: More Than Your Eyes Can See A30 Videos CSS 0252