UM Astronomy Resources: Earth & Moon

What follows is a list of teaching resources for use in department classes. (They are not for sale!)

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Title/Name Description Label ID Resource Type Location
Earth globes 2 large textured, 1 small, 1 transparent planetarium earth globe   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Miscellaneous Fossils 6 in mini cabinet   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Fossil boxes 8 box sets by different periods
3 box sets by era
  Demonstrations CSS 0252
Rock sets 4 rock sets - Sedimentary, Igneous, Metamorphic, and varied by %.   Demonstrations CSS 0252
To the Moon and Beyond Space Age Series 1992
Speculation about the colonization of the Moon.
A17 Videos CSS 0252
Mission to Planet Earth Space Age Series 1992
Discussion of the use of technology designed to study space turned back on Earth itself and what we have learned from such study
A18 Videos CSS 0252
The Blue Planet An IMAX film of images of the Earth filmed by shuttle astronauts in orbit. B09 Videos CSS 0252
Predictable Disaster 1988 Nova investigating methods of predicting earthquakes B15 Videos CSS 0252
Newton's Apple: Phases of the Moon The Sun Demonstration of each of the Moon's phases, shows what powers the sun. C26 Videos CSS 0252
Full Moon Collection of images from Apollo missions. B02 Education Book Collection CSS 0252