UM Astronomy Resources: Solar System - Planets

What follows is a list of teaching resources for use in department classes. (They are not for sale!)

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Title/Name Description Label ID Resource Type Location
Mars globes 2 - one large, one small   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Venus globe     Demonstrations CSS 0252
Orrery Metal in box   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Planetary differentiation demonstration 2 Bottles filled with different density liquids   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Solar system scale comparisons Different sized balls to show relative planet sizes   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Quest for Planet Mars Space Age Series 1992
Discusses past Mars exploration and future possibilities
A14 Videos CSS 1112
Flying by the Planets ASP produced video of Voyager images C03 Videos CSS 1112
Uranus: I Will See Such Things/Miranda the Movie ASP produced video of Voyager images C06 Videos CSS 1112
The Planets Overview of the planets in the Solar System and their moons. Hosted by Patrick Stewart. C08 Videos CSS 1112
Mars: Past, Present, Future An examination of what we know about the planet Mars and what we would like to find out C21 Videos CSS 1112