UM Astronomy Resources: Software

What follows is a list of teaching resources for use in department classes. (They are not for sale!)

Room 0252

Resource Type Query
Title/Name Label ID Description
Falling From the Sky Meteor Resource CD B16
Impact Ground Zero B17
Newton's Apple: Meteors Solar Eclipses C25 Shows what meteorites are made of and where they come from, explains what causes eclipses
Newton's Apple: Phases of the Moon The Sun C26 Demonstration of each of the Moon's phases, shows what powers the sun
Powers of Ten Interactive E16 This is a "spin off" of the Powers of Ten video. It includes the original movie and other ways to depict distances and scales such as time and patterns
Newtons Apple: Gravity Rockets E17 Explains gravity and what happens during weightlessness, explores how Newton's third law relates to rocket flight
Newtons Apple: Newton's Laws Doppler Effect E18 Explains Newton's three laws of motion, explain how sound waves move