Space Missions, Telescopes, & Observatories

What follows is a list of teaching resources for use in department classes. (They are not for sale!)

Topic Query
Title/Name Description Label ID Resource Type Location
Galileo kit Kit for making telescope   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Refracting Telescope 2 one inch refracting telescope kits   Demonstrations CSS 0252
Celestial Sentinels Space Age Series 1992
Focuses on the various roles played by man-made satellites in orbit around the Earth
A15 Videos CSS 0252
What's a Heaven for? Space Age Series 1992
A discussion on the future of space exploration
A19 Videos CSS 0252
HST:Report from Orbit 1991 film focusing on the early (pre-repair) work done by the Hubble Space Telescope C11 Videos CSS 0252
History of Space Flight Tracks the evolution of space flight from von Braun to future speculation C12 Videos CSS 0252