UM Astronomy Resources: Videos

What follows is a list of teaching resources for use in department classes. (They are not for sale!)

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Resource Type Query
Title/Name Label ID Description
Quest for Planet Mars A14 Space Age Series 1992
Discusses past Mars exploration and future possibilities
Celestial Sentinels A15 Space Age Series 1992
Focuses on the various roles played by man-made satellites in orbit around the Earth
The Unexpected Universe A16 Space Age Series 1992
Currently missing
To the Moon and Beyond A17 Space Age Series 1992
Speculation about the colonization of the Moon.
Mission to Planet Earth A18 Space Age Series 1992
Discussion of the use of technology designed to study space turned back on Earth itself and what we have learned from such study
What's a Heaven for? A19 Space Age Series 1992
A discussion on the future of space exploration
The Expanding Universe A20 Series of 15 minute lessons on topic
How Big is the Universe A21 Introduces the concept of light year and looking into space as looking into the past. Various analogies are given for distances are given as well as rocket travel time to distance objects .
Gravity and Weight A23 Series of 15 minute lessons on topic
Fusion and Energy A24 Series of 15 minute lessons on topic
Evolution of a Star A25 Series of 15 minute lessons on topic
Tapping the Sun's Power A26 Series of 15 minute lessons on topic
Pulsars and Quasars A27 Series of 15 minute lessons on topic
Cosmology A28 Series of 15 minute lessons on topic
Universe: The Infinite Frontier A29
Infrared: More Than Your Eyes Can See A30
Star Gaze A31
Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy A34 DVD set of an introductory course taught by Alex Filippenko. 2nd ed., 2006. Parts 1-8.
The Aurora Explained B08 An explanation of the processes behind the aurora. 1992
The Blue Planet B09 An IMAX film of images of the Earth filmed by shuttle astronauts in orbit.
Meteorites-Menace from the Sky B13 A discussion of the historical and scientific role of meteorites in our world
Flying by the Planets C03 ASP produced video of Voyager images
Uranus: I Will See Such Things/Miranda the Movie C06 ASP produced video of Voyager images
The Planets C08 Overview of the planets in the Solar System and their moons. Hosted by Patrick Stewart.
HST:Report from Orbit C11 1991 film focusing on the early (pre-repair) work done by the Hubble Space Telescope
History of Space Flight C12 Tracks the evolution of space flight from von Braun to future speculation
Beyond the Moon C14 Covers the Apollo program and speculations about where space exploration might go next.
The Great Eclipse 1991 C18 A film about the 1991 eclipse and a group of people observing it.
Our Star the Sun - Journey through the Solar System C19 Observations of the Sun from ground and from Skylab are covered with an emphasis on spectroscopy and non-optical wavelengths. Nearly every solar phenomenon is covered (ie. flares, prominences, sunspots, etc.) with lots of pretty pictures.
Mars: Past, Present, Future C21 An examination of what we know about the planet Mars and what we would like to find out
Sudden Impact: Meteors C22 Part of the Cosmic Travelers series; Re-enactments of meteorite impacts. 3-D animations of impacts and possible strategies to protect Earth
Final Target: Planet Earth C23 Part of the Cosmic Travelers Series. Explores the present efforts to locate and observe objects that might impact the Earth
Comets and Asteroids C24 Cosmic Travelers Series: Program examines effects of past impacts of comets and asteroids on Earth and elsewhere in solar system. Also discusses plans to protect from another impact
Newton's Apple: Meteors Solar Eclipses C25 Shows what meteorites are made of and where they come from, explains what causes eclipses
Newton's Apple: Phases of the Moon The Sun C26 Demonstration of each of the Moon's phases, shows what powers the sun
Black Holes and Warped Space Time D01 Lecture given by William Kaufmann at Universe 92 in Madison, Wisconsin
So Many Galaxies, So Little Time D03 A film written and narrated by Margaret Geller the work conducted by her and her team in their efforts to map the universe
The Creation of the Universe D06 Timothy Ferris looks at the quest to understand the big bang though GUT theories. Includes extensive footage of Stephen Hawkings discussing his ideas. 1985
BIMA: Unveiling the Hidden Universe D11 video outlining work done by BIMA
Cosmic Voyage E03 National Air and Space Museum IMAX film based on the "Powers of
Ten". Computer-generated images accompany this tour across 42
orders of magnitude. Narrated by Morgan Freeman.
(See Gretchen Walker to borrow this tape).
Powers of Ten E04 Original version of the famous film about scale
Lenses and Mirrors E13 Explanation of basic scientific concepts related to lenses and mirrors with breaks allowing for teacher/student discussion.
Color & Light E14 Explanation of basic scientific concepts related to color and light with breaks allowing for teacher/student discussion
Evolution: learning and Teaching Evolution E15
Newtons Apple: Gravity Rockets E17 Explains gravity and what happens during weightlessness, explores how Newton's third law relates to rocket flight
Newtons Apple: Newton's Laws Doppler Effect E18 Explains Newton's three laws of motion, explain how sound waves move
The Standard Deviants: Astronomy E19 Shows how to teach Astronomy by creating challenging course concepts, studying techniques, charts, definitions, formulas and course outlines