CTC Seminar for 2024-03-13

Series: CTC Seminar
Date: Wednesday 13-Mar-2024
Time: 11:30-12:30 pm
Location: PSC 1136
Speaker: Kyle Parfrey (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)
Title: Relativistic Jets from Accreting Pulsars

Abstract: Though less celebrated than their famous black-hole cousins, most classes of accreting neutron stars also produce jet-like radio emission. This may be due to the interaction of the neutron star's magnetic field with the accretion flow, with the star's rotation the ultimate energy source. I'll describe 3D general-relativistic MHD simulations of magnetized, rotating neutron stars interacting with accretion flows, which demonstrate that the ability of the star-disk interaction to open the star's magnetosphere and drive a jet depends on both the truncation radius of the magnetosphere and the relative orientation of the magnetic fields in the magnetosphere and disk. Introducing obliquity between the star's spin and magnetic axes — essential to model pulsing sources — results in lower jet-launching efficiency but also less sensitivity to the star-disk magnetic orientation. Flux opening can be associated with large eruptions of stellar magnetic flux into the disk, reminiscent of magnetically arrested black-hole systems but with some distinctive features due to the different "boundary conditions" on the central object.

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