Miscellaneous Humor

As you can see, I have a ton of bits of humor from here and there that really can't properly be categorized, so they've ended up here. Enjoy!
The Arkansas Medical Dictionary sheds a new light on all those obscure medical terms. And now, the Arkansas Medical Dictionary, Vol. 2, by Buck Stephens.

Ever wonder what all those cheerful airline personal really think? Read the Airport Dictionary to find out.

I'll bet you thought bagels were just a food!

Here are some clever button quotes.

Have you ever considered giving your cat a bath? You might want to read this before you do.

While we're on the subject of cats, here's a resume for one.

Everyone likes Letterman... and here's the transcription of the show Madonna was on.

And from the National Lampoon, the Deteriorata.

Die Hards I and II were thrilling enough, but take a look at this preview of a possible third Die Hard.

What do elephants do when they're in love? Read here to find out.

Even flamingoes have to take vacations.

Ever wonder about why certain things are free?

Oh, and here's another joke, this one about getting into heaven.

Here are a few tips on how to take care of your godzilla.

Have you read your horoscope for today?

Here's a cute story about someone who finally got fed up with all those little hotel soaps.

Some funny things are said even in the courtroom.

Here's a letter from Appalachia...

Moo! Take a gander at some cows.

Believe it or not, these really are actual newspaper headlines.

Here are a few more random humorous tidbits.

Do you remember the Three Little Pigs? How about the Pea Little Thrigs?

Can you decipher these license plate messages.

So, is psychic healing real or not?

For those incorrible punsters out there, take a look at these punny stories.

After this story, you may never sit down again.


Don't want to let your parents know about your not-so-good grades? Send them this letter to give them the proper perspective.

Ever think of things that just don't seem to have names? Read some of these Sniglets to find some names.

If you thought tax forms were confusing, try this one.

The names of these top country songs are hard to believe.

I'll bet you thought that the Star Wars saga occurred in another galaxy. Well, read this story about a traffic cop.

For all of you that still believe Twinkies are real food, here are some Twinkie tests to change your mind.

Do you get all those high-sounding Latin phrases mixed up? Here are some you'll probably enjoy.

All you golfers should take a look at the wartime golf conditions in England.

Take a look at some of the letters the Welfare Department receives.

I'm sure you've had the problem of having to remove a dead whale from your premises.

What would you buy if you had some Russian currency?

Check out these classified ads.

I'll bet you never thought that Carmen translated like this!

This is what some people do to get through security.

Have you ever wanted a day off? Try using these excuses.

You probably thought the Swiss were calm and laid-back. But they actually get into the thrilling sport of cow fighting!

Telemarketers could save your life!

Check out these humorous Signs of the Times.

Here's what those airline agents really go through...

Ever wonder what could happen if you threw eggs at an electric transformer?

Did you hear that Microsoft bought the Catholic Church?

You've probably always wanted to yell these things at the characters in horror movies.

And you thought you interviewed badly.

You'd be surprised what kids know.

Are you a bit hungry after watching the OJ trial? Try some food on this menu.

What would other celebrities say if they were named Forrest?

Does the Navy always bully others this way?

Have you ever gotten annoyed by those people with the Honk if You Love Jesus bumper stickers?

Here's a letter from a guy on how the IRS can have two of his kids.

Read about this bizarre suicide.

These slogans would be appropriate for ValuJet.

Could you be redneck Jedi?

And you thought you were having a bad day...

An interpretation of some ancient symbols that were uncovered.

Quotes from bathrooms.

Darwin Award Candidates

Why you shouldn't give an elephant a laxative.

Did you know that the world is full of complete idiots?

Here are idiots in everyday life.

Famous people saying stupid things.

What kids really think about marriage.

This lamp post stops crime.

Real questions asked at National Parks.

PC ways to say someone's stupid.

A humorous room service call.

A tandem story.

Stupid warning labels.

Bloopers from church bulletins.

Missing lines from The Empire Strikes Back.