Astronomy Prizes and Awards

The chairman has appointed a departmental Awards Committee to assemble an inventory of all national and international awards for which members of the department faculty might be nominated. In carrying out this task, we have omitted the very broad awards that are open to people from very many fields (MacArthur Awards, etc.) and concentrated on awards that are more narrow - typically those open to physicists, astronomers, planetary scientists, and astronomy educators and such.

We have first considered prizes - i.e. awards for things the winners have already done. In the fall we will add things that are more like fellowships or grants - i.e. awards for things that one promises to do. This latter will be for the more prestigious ones, not just NASA or NSF grants.

At the links below are lists of the prizes available through a variety of organizations. Each list includes a brief description of the basis for the award (usually taken from material provided by the organization) and a list of some (occasionally all) winners that should be recognizable to people in the department. We have also provided a link to prizes that have been won by members of the department. This latter list is likely to be very incomplete.

Suggested additions to the list, whether additional prizes to be listed or additional winners to be honored, should be addressed to the committee members.

(Originally compiled by Prof. M. F. A'Hearn and Prof. V. Trimble.)

Prizes and Honors Won by Department Members

This link lists awards won by members of the department corresponding to prizes listed on the other links.

Lists of Prizes and Honors by Various Organizations

List of Prestigious Fellowships

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