Prizes Awarded by the Royal Astronomical Society

This list is a list of prizes awarded by the RAS for which UMD astronomers are likely to be eligible. Some American astronomers who have won the prize are listed also. Further details are available at the RAS web pages, including Nomination Forms.

RAS Awards

  • Gold Medal. Highest honor, normally late career. GJ Wasserberg, EN Parker, P Goldreich, JE Gunn, V Rubin, DE Osterbrock, PJE Peebles, B. Paczynski, Schramm, Thorne, Turner, Hawking
  • Eddington Medal. triennial. Focussed on some one specific achievement. WA Fowler, PJE Peebles, B. Paczynski, I Iben, A Guth, R Blandford
  • Herschel Medal. triennial. instrumentation-ish. Al Boggess, G Neugebauer
  • Hannah Jackson (nee Gwilt) Gift and Medal. triennial. service component. Janet Mattei
  • George Darwin Lecture. Mid career, but tends to overlap territory of Gold Medal. SM Faber, R Giacconi, S Tremaine, B Paczynski.
  • The Michael Penston Astronomy Prize. Young persons, fairly new, no Americans yet)