Prizes Awarded by the American Astronomical Society

This list is a complete list of all prizes awarded by the AAS and its various divisions. These awards are described in more detail in the AAS Membership Directory and on the AAS Web Pages. We have not listed awardees since the names will all be recognizable to members of the department.

AAS Awards

  • Henry Norris Russell Lectureship. annual. For lifetime achievement.
  • Newton Lacy Pierce Prize. annual. Age <36. outstanding observational research.
  • Helen B. Warner Prize. annual. Age <36. outstanding theoretical research.
  • George Van Biesbroeck Prize. annual. Long-term extraordinary service.
  • Beatrice M. Tinsley Prize. biennial. Outstanding research of exceptionally innovative or creative character.
  • Dannie Heineman Prize. annual. Joint with AIP. annual. Outstanding work in astrophysics.
  • Lancelot Berkeley Prize. annual. Advancing the science of astronomy during the previous year.
  • Annie Jump Cannon Award. annual. Joint with AAUW. To a woman for distinguished contributions to astronomy or closely related science.
  • Award for Public Service to Science. annual (up to 4 awards). Joint with AMS and APS. Outstanding public service in support of science.

Division for Planetary Sciences

  • Masursky Meritorious Service Award. annually. Outstanding service to the field of planetary science.
  • Gerard P. Kuiper Prize. annually. Outstanding contributors over a career
  • Harold C. Urey Prize. annually. Age <36. outstanding achievement.
  • Carl Sagan Medal. annually. Communication to the public.

Division on Dynamical Astronomy

  • Dirk Brouwer Award. Outstanding contributions in dynamical astronomy.

High Energy Astrophysics Division

  • Bruno Rossi Prize. annual. Significant recent contribution to high energy astrophysics.
  • David N. Schramm Prize. annual. Distinguished public writing on high energy astrophysics.

Historical Astronomy Division

  • LeRoy E. Doggett Prize. biennial. A publication that significantly illuminates the field or a long term effort that significantly influenced the field.

Solar Physics Division

  • George Ellery Hale Prize. biennial. outstanding contributions to solar astronomy over an extended period.
  • Popular Science Writing Award. annual. Article in the past year that best communicates to the public recent results about sun or heliosphere. One (of two) each year is reserved for a scientist.