Honors by the International Astronomical Union

The IAU does not give prizes. However, the IAU does honor astronomers in various ways. Astronomers may have an asteroid named after them or certain classes of surface features on bodies in the solar system (including, e.g., craters on the moon). The IAU's other prestigious honor is to give an invited discourse at the IAU General Assembly (3 invited discourses, once every three years). Beginning in 2000, the IAU also advises the Gruber Foundation on selection of candidates for the Gruber Foundation Prize.

Named Asteroids

These names must be proposed by a discoverer of an asteroid, although people active in the community often propose names to the discoverers. Details are provided on the web page of the IAU: WG Small Bodies Nomenclature (WGSBN).

Named Surface Features

The IAU Working Group on Planetary Nomenclature suggests names. Details of the rules and a list of members of the Working Group is available at the website of the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature.

Invited Discourses

Contact a member of the IAU Executive Committee or a Divisional President or the General Secretary to suggest someone to give an invited discourse.